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About health care

We help child, adults, seniors and the disabled with all activities of daily living right from dressing.


Phylica, as the name suggests, offers excellent home care service to meet the requirements of all those patients who are suffering from illness and is confined to themselves. We have a record of being able to restore the movement of your body with our private physiotherapy services.

Our company was established 8 years ago with an aim of rendering effective solutions that will help in improving the quality of life lead by the patients and acquire a better lifestyle. Our in- home physical rehabilitation is designed to resolve your issues.

We are available 24*7 with a dedicated, hardworking and certified team of physiotherapist in Kolkata! We specialise in round the clock, physiotherapy near me service, so that, we can maintain continuity in attending our patients as and when required.

What do we offer?

We have an array of physiotherapy services, which focusses on specific parts of the body so that we can cure all kinds of pain. Our team comprises of male as well as female therapists. Therefore, if you are in search of female physiotherapy in Kolkata, do not delay, give us a call and let us help you recover. Services that we offer, is dedicated towards the well being of our patients. You will get to experience industry standard help as we focus on the quality! Our healthcare professionals are experienced thus you will get guaranteed outcomes.

What does our physiotherapist do for you?

  • Specifically designed therapy where our experienced therapists use their palm or hand to apply pressures and reduce the stiffness and pain from the specific areas. It is our target to encourage the movement of the body.
  • Knowledge and suggestions - we have years of experience thus the therapists can offer advice that affects the daily lives which are related to your posture, skills to prevent injuries due to accidents.
  • Physical exercise or tailored exercise - physiotherapists have enough knowledge about general health conditions thus we suggest some movements and exercise that is responsible to strengthen the muscles of the body.

Our home visit physiotherapy service is able to meet your needs and demands along with the time that suits you. Our time and cost-efficient physiotherapy service provide you with the opportunity of calling us at your office, workplace or home that suits you and work well for you. Contact us for an appointment to get initial access to your needs and demands and develop comprehensive therapies for home treatment. Give us a call, at your service!

Who we are

More than 8 years of providing innovative solutions that improve health and quality of life for those in need of in-home health services. Staff on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help ensure continuity.

What we offer

Services is focused on patients and dedicated to delivering quality patient care and service—all supported by a nationwide network of experienced healthcare professionals and staff.

Why choose our health care

More than 8 years of providing innovative solutions that improve health and quality of life

Quality care

PHYLICA provide quality care for the elderly, children, adult.

Certified healthcare

PHYLICA is Licensing and Certification is a unit in the Division of Health Care Services.

Professional staff

Professionals and Experienced staff provide the most timely and efficient services possible.

24 hours a day

Phylica is your one stop 24 hours wellness and healthcare friend

Healthcare history

PHYLICA provide quality care for the elderly, children, adult.


Our in home physiotherapy services are specially designed for individuals who are not physically capable of coming to doctor’s chamber. There are other cases too, where people prefer to receive treatment with comfort at their home..

     Our physiotherapists provide their services especially to those patients who suffer from stroke, any injuries, post-surgical rehabilitation like knee and hip replacement, balancing problem.

     PHYLICA is committed to provide a world class physiotherapy treatment at your doorstep.


There are varieties of injuries and physiotherapy treatments play an important role to manage these injuries. Physiotherapy treatment helps to promote mobility and function that leads to a healthy lifestyle.


Elderly care helps to promote health status of the aged by providing special care for the prevention, treatment of diseases and disabilities.

      Elderly needs special attention for the age related issues that create hindrance to their normal lifestyle and sometimes cause illness. Physical therapy improve their flexibility, balance, co-ordination, strength for their well-being.