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What is Sports Rehab?

Sports Rehab Description


Phylica is the right place to seek help for sports rehab, we pride ourselves on being able to help many sportsmen get back on the field after physiotherapy treatment. Our Sports physiotherapy service was set up to help the athletes recover from their injuries and perform to the best of the abilities.

What is sports rehab?

We know what are the different kinds of injuries or health conditions sportsperson has to face after they are injured on the field. Our duty is to use physiotherapy for therapeutic movements that will not only help in reducing the pain but promote fitness, enhance health conditions and increase the healing rate. When dealing with the injury, our therapist focuses on knee physiotherapy to ensure smooth movement if the body. When you seek our service, do not worry about your age as we have special packages and physiotherapy for curing issues for all age groups.

Sports physiotherapy is a specialised field for providing proper rehab and training to athletes. Sports physiotherapy deals with injury related to an athlete while playing. It happens due to stress on muscle, joints and bones. Sports physio helps an athlete to recover from injury by providing proper treatment and training to attain optimal performance.

  • Tennis elbow
  • Ankle sprain
  • Hamstring injury
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Ligament tear

Phylica offers a wide range of services along with individualised medications so that you can recover from surgery or an injury. Whether you are regaining strength after the operation, or an accident or after participating in the sport or have a longterm injury, just let our team of physiotherapist work.

We optimise your recovery by making use of latest therapeutic treatments. Our aim is to work in coordination with our patient so that we can deal better with the injuries or health conditions. We look forward to assisting our clients in recovery from injuries, relieve pain and get back the optimal fitness!

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