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What our clients are saying

Read first thing what our valued clients are saying about HalthCare Services.

“Excellent physiotherapy service which is tailor made for patients...flexible timings according to patients timing makes things very convenient for us patients...also the way therapies are given makes it very comfortable...I have ankylosing spondylosis and couldn't bear the pain...even in rest the pain was unbearable but now after getting my regular treatment at phylica and following their prescription I am very well and quite fit now”

- Jyotishman Mozumder . Bhowanipur, Kolkata

“I am 26 years old. I was suffering from severe back pain due to my job nature. I consulted several physios but they all failed to remove my pain properly. Later on I came to know about Phylica and surprisingly I am fit now after only a few sittings with the physios of Phylica. Really I love Phylica. They are damn good indeed.”

- Saurav Mondal,Jadavpur, Kolkata

“We knew that Health care was the right choice from the first initial interview. Their professionalism, caring manner, and the focus to meet the needs of our daughter was evident.”

- Rajesh Biswas, lake garden,kolkata

“We have recently switched back to Healthcare Services from our previous homecare agency for an overall better quality of service.”

- Md. Ali, park circus, Kolkata